Quotations of and Analogies to HEIMAT appearing in HEIMAT 3

The follwing list is an extract of my Report from the Premiers of HEIMAT 3 in Munich and Simmern. I am dealing with this topic on this page seperately and in a more clearly arranged form because it seems to be of special interest. Whose HEIMAT-friends heart will not open facing all those wonderful memories?

I am thankful for further hints.

When Hermann returns to Schabbach he behaves the same way as Pul did when returning form the war (looking thorugh the smiths window). film 1 film 1
"Freundlich, freundlich ..." (friendly, friendly) Clarissa instructs Gunnar, Udo and the bank assistants when taking a photo of them , just like Eduard did years ago, and also Mr. Schwarz does when taking the photo for Antons company anniversary. films 1, 2 etc. films 1 and 4
Anton introduces the hunsrück food to Gunnar and Udo, just like he did years ago when the buisinessman who intended to absorb his company visited him.* film 10 film 1
Moni is full of admiration towards Tillmanns technical facilities ("Was du alles kannst ..."), andis trying to win his heart at the same time. This constellation, even the bodies coming close, embracing, reminds of the scene in HEIMAT, when Maria is helping Paul to make up the radio.* film 1 film 2
A very special detail, I don't know if this happened conciuously: Gunnar, asking Martina for her plans after finishing producing Karl-Marx-Orden-boxes for him: "Let's hope that your friend won't force you to work as a prostitude ...". (Do you remember Martina from HEIMAT?) films 2, 4, 5 film 2
Ernst still being true to his Motto: "... immer nur ne kurze Bodeberührung, dann gleich wieder durchgestartet ..." (just a short touchdown to the earth, but then going upward immediately). film 11 films
2 and 5
Galina running through the village searching for the doctor, just like once Maria did when Lotti laid in bed with high fever.* film 2 film 3
Cars - inspiring technics. In HEIMAT Edu is adoring Lucies car talking Glasisch and Glockzieh: "Six Cylinders!" Glasisch: "What a car!". In HEIMAT 3 Hartmut is the car-ethusiastic, together with Matko, wich he does not have to explain the technical details of the Horch, year of construction 1938, or towards Galina: "This car is not to be sneezed at, 250 PS!" And the seats? "Californian Buffalo leather, directly from the wild west."* film 2 films
3 and 5
Anton, the "Fußgänger" (pedestrian), walking in front of his car, just like Paul did when coming back to Schabbach.* film 7 film 3
Exactly as his father Anton once was Hartmut is convinced: "... jetzt wird die Welt neu verteilt ..." (now the world is shared newly, wich means it would be a good time to get into buisiness), but Anton is not true to this motto anymore. film 8 film 3
Even this time Ernst introduces a woman causing trouble, once Klärchen who Hermann felt in love with, now Galina turning Hartmuts head. film 9 film 3
If Antons heart aches he gets a foot-massage, once by his lovely wife Martha (who (fictively) died in 1987 and so does not reappear in Heimat 3, unfortunately), now by his favorite (and only) daughter-in-law, Mara.* film 10 film 3
Like in the first two films of HEIMAT even now a trap for a marten plays an indeed incising role. films 1 and 2 film 4
Worldly wisdoms, part one: Rudi, referring to Hermanns injured foot: "Hermann, just don't look at it, then it heals better, this is my experience in life." Worldly wisdoms, part two: Lucie about the fool's gold: "Well Edu, if you don't look at things that close, everything is gold. That is my life-experience."* film 3 film 4
Hermann again enjoys female handwork, and again he is appraised as somebody special afterwards ;-))* film 9 film 4
Even Antons gold plated boots reappear, pedantist (as Ernst calls him) remains pedantist ... film 10 film 4
Red cloves are falling from the sky, not only at the "Ferntrauung" (marriage by proxy) of Anton and Martha once in Schabbach, when Ernst threw them out of the cockpit of his military plane, but also from the Loreley-rock when Matko bids farewell to his paternal friend Ernst (what a seensitive parallel!). film 5 film 5
Hermann dreams of the coffin having been abandoned on the street in the tempest (H1, film 11 / H3, film 6), and even all those who had died in H3 reappear in this scene. film 11 film 6

Those items marked with * were discovered by Theresia Sikkens-van der Meij. Thank you very much, Theresia.